Water Heater Replacement - How to Avoid Common Problems and Costly Mistakes

The useful life of a water heater is around twelve years, so sooner or later all it will need to be replaced. Here are some tips to help ensure that your new water heater will safely provide hot water for many years and help you avoid costly and dangerous mistakes.

What Is An Electric Water Heater?

A water heater is a water tank with an electrical heating system with a resistance and a thermostat. It's isolation tank allows it to keep water temperature constant. A water heater consists of a ceramic vessel protected from corrosion. A foam injection allows isolation between the tank and the outer envelope. The tank is equipped with a magnesium anode corrosion or titanium.

The tank is still under pressure. By thermal, hot water is at the top of the heater, where it is drawn. The cold water that replaces it reaches the bottom of the heater, and raises gradually as that it heats.

The water heating may be continuous, and regulated by a thermostat, or only done during peak hours, to benefit from lower electricity prices by about 40%. Silent, does not generate combustion, electric water heater can be installed anywhere in your home: in a cupboard under the stairs, a ceiling (for horizontal models). Hot water is always available and always at the same temperature (within the limits of storage capacity). Reliable, your machine is solid and has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years or more.

Choosing a Hot Water Heater For Your Home

If you are looking for a new water heater, be aware that your options now reach far beyond replacing your current storage tank water heater with one just like it. As heating water typically consumes about 10 to 15 percent of a home's total monthly energy budget, all the best new water heaters focus on heating water efficiently.

Buying the Best Hot Water Heater

Are you planning to buy a new water heater? Well, if you're still looking for the right water heater, these helpful tips can see you through the buying process.

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